Removing Broken Car Keys

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removing broken car keys
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Car keys will most commonly break as a result of either defective manufacturing or just every day wear and tear. If your car key breaks with a small piece of the key remaining outside the lock then you can extract it yourself using a small pair of pliers or tweezers.

If your car key has broken and a section of the car key still remains within the lock it requires specialist tools to remove the car key without damaging the lock. Its therefore advisable to contact a mobile car locksmith, attempting to work a spare key into the lock containing broken pieces will often result in further damage to the lock as well as the spare car key.

It's worth remembering car manufactures design cars to stop people without car keys gaining access, therefore gaining access without a key is a very specialised profession and demands not only advanced knowledge and constant training but also advanced high tech equipment. Our Car Key Locksmiths are constantly retrained and vehicles updated with new equipment as newer models of vehicles are released.

Our car locksmith engineers will arrive to your location with all of the required equipment, advanced software and the know how to both extract and replace broken car keys of all brands on the spot. They are fully trained to safely remove broken car keys from lock cylinders without damaging the locking system itself.

Our mobile car locksmith vehicles are also fully equipped with key cutting equipment and transponder key programming equipment meaning we can not only remove your broken key but also provide you with a Replacement Car Keys.

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