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How do transponder keys work?

Transponder car keys are a fantastic innovation introduced in early 1995 to enhance your vehicles security. A small microchip is embedded within the plastic housing of your car key, this microchip contains a unique computer code that only your car key and vehicles ECU know about.

When you attempt to start your car, your cars ECU requests a copy of the code stored within your transponder key. It then compares the code with the code stored on your cars ECU, if the codes match your car will start, if the codes do not match or your transponder key is damaged, your car will not start.

What should I do if I have lost or damaged my Transponder Key?

If you have lost your transponder key it’s very important you contact an auto locksmith to arrange a replacement ASAP. Our mobile auto locksmith vehicles carry a range of blank car keys along with key cutting equipment and the very latest in transponder key programming tools.

Our engineers can be with you within the hour and provide you with a replacement transponder key and reprogram your car’s ECU to accept the new code. This not only renders your lost transponder key totally useless but also saves you a lot of money when compared to your main dealers.

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